Our Collaboration Partners

Organisations Ikasi Youth has supported through our programs, they have each received the training and materials needed to run their own version of our programs.



Community: Vrygrond

Sozo Foundation was established in 2010 and they run an academic support programme to 100 high school youth in Vrygrond, a township near Muizenberg. They will be offering the curriculum to 20 of their youth, while two of their staff members and two of their community volunteers will be trained in facilitating the curriculum. Through this they aim to create the capacity to further roll out the curriculum after the pilot phase.

Sozo also runs a programme for 60 unemployed young adults and we are eager to see how our curriculum could also benefit this group in the future. They further have a design project for high school graduates, as well as a gardening project, while they also have an onsite social worker who provides counselling and psychosocial support to the community.

To learn more about this great organisation visit http://thesozofoundation.org.za/

*Training received to run the Young Leaders- Foundations Program, sponsored by MAID Foundation.


TH CHildrens Foundation

Community: Khayamandi

TH Children Foundation is a university affiliated and student lead organisation in the Khayamandi Township near Stellenbosch. They are reaching 120 youth and are offering both an art programme and academic support to students. They have expressed the need to grow in capacity, while better equipping their grade 7 learners for the pressure they will face in high school.

They will be facilitating the pilot curriculum to 20 Grade 7 learners and we are eager to see the impact of our curriculum on these groups of learners, who are somewhat younger than the other youth that will be included in the pilot curriculum. We hope that lessons learnt through this partnership will help inform future partnerships.

To learn more about this great organisation visit https://www.facebook.com/TH-Childrens-Foundation-978917035519069/

*Training received to run the Young Leaders- Foundations Program, sponsored by MAID Foundation.



TSIBA is a social enterprise that provides future-focused business education to individuals from under-served communities. The TSIBA collective includes an accredited Business School, an Ignition Academy and an Education Trust. Since their inception in 2004, TSIBA has awarded over 900 business certificate and degree qualifications, more than 4500 annual tuition scholarships and enabled hundreds of small and emerging business enterprises. This groundwork has resulted in an incredible output, with a 93% post- graduate employment rate.

The Ikasi Youth foundations curriculum will be offered to 20 TSIBA students, while they will also be trained to facilitate the curriculum. Through this, we hope that these students will take the curriculum back to their communities to further train and equip youth.

*Training received to run the Young Leaders- Foundations Program, sponsored by MAID Foundation.

To learn more about this great organisation visit https://www.tsiba.ac.za/


Just Grace

Community: Langa

We met Grant from Just Grace at the MAID Foundation dinner. Among other programmes such as community development, family strengthening, advocacy and school strengthening, they also run an after-school academic support programme to 200 high school youth in Langa. We are thankful for this introduction and very excited to be partnering with Grant and his team.

They will be running our curriculum to 20 students with the aim of piloting the curriculum before rolling it out to the rest of the youth.

To learn more about this great organisation visit: https://justgrace.co.za/

*Training received to run the Young Leaders- Foundations Program, sponsored by MAID Foundation.



Community: Simons Town and South Africa

Lawhill is a highly sought after and reputable maritime school for youth aged 15 to 18 years. The school was established in 1995 with the aim to support job creation and employment by providing students with maritime- related knowledge and skills. Although students across South Africa are enrolled in the school, the entrance criteria are stringent and only the top students from financially stressed homes are accepted. The school principle highlighted the need to empower and inspire their female students and found the Ikasi Youth pilot programme to be a perfect fit for this need. LawHill was appointed as the winner of the 2018 Seatrade Middle East Africa and India Maritime Education and Training Award in Dubai and we are very excited about our partnership with this exceptional institution.

To learn more about this great organisation visit: http://www.lawhill.org/

*Training received to run the Young Leaders- Foundations Program, sponsored by MAID Foundation.


Hout Bay UNited Football Community

Community: Hout Bay (Hangberg, Imizamo Yethu and ‘the valley’)

HBUFC runs a football and academic support programme for youth across Houtbay. They include boys and girls from different racial groups with the aim of bridging social divide through playing football at a competitive level.

Our foundations programme will be offered to their elite team with players aged 17 to 30. These players mentor the younger teams and our hope is that after going through the curriculum themselves, the older players will be able to facilitate the curriculum to the younger teams. HBUFC consists of various teams and are reaching 1000 youth.

To learn more about this great organisation visit: www.hbufc.co.za/

*Training received to run the Young Leaders- Foundations Program, sponsored by MAID Foundation.


St Michael’s Child and Youth Care Centre

Community: Based in Plumstead, serving the Cape Metropole

St. Michael’s Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) was established in 1870. They provide innovative therapeutic and developmental programmes in a residential environment for 25 young girls between the ages of 13 and 18 years, who have been seriously traumatized and removed from their families for their own protection and safety by an order of the Children’s Court. They aim to create an environment that allows girls to connect with the essence of womanhood, to develop strength, and to grow and flourish. Focused on developing responsible, strong, and inspired women, St. Michael’s CYCC is a place for girls to overcome adversity and to tap into their richest potential, all within a supportive and nurturing environment. It is for this reason that we are very excited that they will now be offering the Leading Ladies programme to the girls in their care. The programme will be facilitated by their youth care workers.

To learn more about this great organisation visit: www.stmichaelschildandyouthcarecenter.wordpress.com/

*Training received to run the Leading Ladies- Foundations Program, enabled by Ubuntu e.V.


The Breede Centre

Community: Mc Gregor

Empowering the young ladies of the community with the Ikasi Youth Leading Ladies Programme will open doors of opportunity in the future. McGregor, where the Breede Centre is located, is a very isolate village in the Langeberg region with one of the highest prevalence of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the South Africa which is 14 times more than the global average. South Africa has an incidence of 111.1 per 1 000 children while the global average is only 7.7 per 1 000. 

FAS goes hand in hand with poverty, teenage pregnancies, domestic violence and trauma which are causing children to leave school at a young age. The McGregor Primary School (Up to Grade 8) and The Whole Life Education Centre (Up to grade 12) have limited resources to cater for the community’s needs to address these factors.  Although the Breede Centre recently received the accolade from Rotary South Africa as the best skills development centre in Western Cape, Namibia and Angola, they are not currently offering life skills training to high school youth. They will recruit girls from the community to start the Leading Ladies journey with. We are looking forward to seeing the impact that this programme will have in the Mc Gregor community and in the lives of these girls.  

To learn more about this great organisation visit https://breedecentre.co.za/

*Training received to run the Leading Ladies- Foundations Program, enabled by Ubuntu e.V.


Change Agents South Africa

Community: Montagu, Ashton, Robertson Farms

Change Agents serves the rural and mostly impoverished communities of Montagu, Ashton and the Robertson Farms. Their programme “Precious Pearls” caters for teen girls between the ages of 11 and 21. Through their focus on self-worth and self-awareness they hope to address the high rate of teenage pregnancies in the community. Their sessions are held at the local school, although they also invite students that has dropped out of school to attend. Girls who finish the programme will be assisted with tertiary study applications, while they will also be invited to volunteer with the organisation as a “Change Agent” and to mentor their younger peers.

To learn more about this great organisation visit: www.facebook.com/ChangeAgentsSA/

*Training received to run the Leading Ladies- Foundations Program, enabled by Ubuntu e.V



Community: Khayelitsha 

Founded in 2001, Baphumelele Children’s Home was a humble woman’s response to an alarming situation. Rosie Mashie had no money when she decided to provide a home and place of safety to children who were orphaned, abandoned, abused, and neglected, but she had a vision, and the constant support of her community. Today, Baphumelele provides a temporary shelter for vulnerable/orphaned children and young adults with chronic diseases and HIV/AIDS, as well as skills development for the unemployed, early childhood care and healthcare education to the Khayelitsha community.

The child and youth care centre provides orphans and vulnerable children with a stable, loving, and permanent home. At any given time there are over 100 children between 0 and 18 years of age, being cared for and accommodated. 

The Ikasi Youth Leading Ladies Programme will be implemented with a combination of girls from the Baphumelele CYCC and the Child Headed Homes Project, also run by Baphumelele. Children that reside in households that have been affected by HIV/AIDS have reduced opportunities for growth and development and increased vulnerability to disease and destitution. These children live in poor housing and, due to lack of responsible adults and security, they often live in fear at the threat of abuse or harm. Left without parents, there is no regular income and therefore no means to look after themselves. The Child Headed Homes project supports these children through mentorship and direct intervention. Support is prioritized into five key areas – food parcels, education & work experience, emotional & psycho-social support, healthcare, and legal assistance – all with the aim of rebuilding these young children’s lives and enabling them to go forward together as a strong family unit. 

We are very happy to be partnering with Baphumelele and to be adding the Leading Ladies Programme to their exiting services. 

To learn more about this great organisation visit: https://baphumelele.org.za/

*Training received to run the Leading Ladies- Foundations Program, enabled by Ubuntu e.V


The Umtshayelo Foundation

Community: Struisbaai, Hermon, Brackenfell 

The Umtshayelo Foundation directs three projects, namely Senior Care - caring for approximately 75 seniors; Komani - the manufacturing and sales of reusable sanitary pads; and Learning4Life - an Afterschool program caring for approximately 120 primary and high school students in Brackenfell, Hermon and Struisbaai. Their Brackenfell branch caters for approximately 40 high school students, comprising of about 25 females with one full-time facilitator and 3 to 4 volunteer tutors. The Umtshayelo Foundation will recruit a cohort of girls from their Brackenfell project and the surrounding community to participate in the Ikasi Youth Leading Ladies Programme. This programme will enable the young girls to be better prepared for the future and will act as a stimulus for the Afterschool project.

To learn more about this great organisation visit http://www.tuf.org.za/

*Training received to run the Leading Ladies- Foundations Program, enabled by Ubuntu e.V