Initiatives: Facilitator Training

Providing Training and Resources to our Collaboration Partners


Identifying Partner Organisations

Our team identifies and builds relationships with impactful community organisations in order to source partners who have the highest chance of creating creating lasting change among our target beneficiaries.

To learn more about the life changing work of these partner organisations (click here).

Two Full Day Training and Feedback Sessions

Our comprehensive training program takes facilitators through the process of understanding our methodologies all the way to being able to confidently facilitate the sessions that make up our programs.

We also conduct Feedback sessions where the learning from each facilitator can be build back into future programs and training.

Facilitator Guides and Workbooks

Each of our Collaboration Partners receives their own set of Facilitator Guides as well as workbooks for their beneficiaries.

To learn more about these workbooks and the programs contained in them (Click here).

Additional Resource Packs

In order enhance experience for partner organisations and further encourage the successful implementation of our programs, we have developed additional resource packs which can be sponsored or purchased for each centre. These starter packs and refill packs include:

  • Clubhouse Decor, Branding and Posters

  • Stationary and additional materials

  • Credit store supplies (for beneficiary incentive programs)

  • Digital Tools (tablets and projectors)

  • And more…

To take a look at one of our facilitator training sessions click on the video below…