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Looking to make a lasting impact in the life of one young person in the township?

We have a team of Heroes Angels all over the world. These caring and generous individuals, companies and organisations have pledged a small amount each month, as little as 10 Euros (11 dollars a month). Through this they will have a positive impact on the life of a girl or boy growing up in the Township.

(Donations of €100- €999 are encouraged)

  • More than €3,000 raised this year.

  • Remaining target for 2019: €1,500

  • Target for 2020: €5,000


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Are you interested in exploring how you can encourage your friends, school, community or network to get behind our work?

Our team of passionate Ambassadors from around the globe co-ordinate unique fundraising efforts each year to support our work. From super-bowl BBQ’s, to casual Friday’s and dinner party.

(Donations of €100- €2999 are encouraged)

  • Target for 2020: €3,000



Wanting to join a select group of consistent partners who sponsor our Imizamo Yethu Centre?

The lifeblood of our work is our Pilot/Prototype centre. Your support of this centre will make a dramatic impact in the lives of those who attend the centre but will also lead to ripples of learning which will be felt throughout the whole of our organisation. This is the base where it all began and we welcome you to be a part of it.

(Donations of €1,000-4,999 are encouraged )

  • More than €15,000 raised this year.

  • Remaining target for 2019: €4,000

  • Target for 2020: €20,000


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Are you interested in seeing if you can help us take Ikasi Youths impact into new communities?

Ikasi Youth is rapidly growing our impact, over the last 6 months we have trained more than 20 facilitators from 11 projects in as many communities in the Western Cape. Our desire is to is to continue to reach new township communities across South Africa and in so doing change the lives of children nationally

(Donations of €5,000-30,000 are encouraged )

  • More than € 10,000 raised this year

  • Donations target for 2019 reached.

  • Target for 2020: €20,000



Wanting to invest in something physical or tangible, how about creating something that will last forever?

Over the last few years we have be fortunate to receive financial support to create our foundations module, our leading ladies program, academic modules and our Heroes Journey program, we are now looking for support to create more tools that can be shared.

(Donations of €700- €3000 are encouraged)

  • For a donation of as little as €700 you can help us create the latest addition of a module.

  • Or by sponsoring €3000, we can create a program from scratch. We are wanting to create the following programs:

    • Entrepreneurship 101

    • Ikasi Internship Guide

    • Studying Further Tool Kit

    • Etc.


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If you don’t have cash but you want to contribute your products or time, this InkindCaptain is for you.

From study guides all the way to tickets to exciting events, our team of InKindCaptains have provided us with the tools and encouragement required to help Ikasi Youth to thrive.

Currently we are looking for:

  • A training venue

  • Catering for our training

  • Stationary for our centres

  • and much more…

Please reach out if you have anything that you think might help. You will be surprised to see what we can use.